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As the national go-to franchise for batteries, bulbs, smartphone repairs and more, we’ve witnessed tons of franchisees achieve success with our business model. Whether they have one store or 10, our corporate teams work hand-in-hand with our franchisees to bring their vision to life.

Of course, when seeking a franchise to invest in, many may wonder if they fit the “mold” of a Batteries Plus franchisee. We’re taking a deeper look at who our franchisees are, the backgrounds they come from and the experience they’ve had with our brand.

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There’s No “One Size Fits All”

First thing’s first- there really is no “model” franchisee. In terms of demographics, our franchise partners come from all walks of life; our brand proudly encompasses owners of diverse genders, races, cultures and backgrounds. Furthermore, many of our franchisees did not have any experience in electronics prior to signing their franchise agreement with us.

For instance, Florida franchisee Ingrid Brummett was a teacher prior to opening three Batteries Plus locations with her husband and brother. Additionally, husband-and-wife duo Brenda and Rick Phipps knew close to nothing about batteries or bulbs prior to becoming franchisees, and now they use all the knowledge they’ve gained to train their employees.

That’s why we have a dedicated training team and designated training space in Pewaukee, Wisconsin where we have trained hundreds of franchisees on topics like how to manage costs, provide excellent customer service, use equipment and products, repair devices and create successful marketing campaigns.

“You never feel like you’re going to be thrown out in the cold without any protection. Even after training, there’s always somebody there you can turn to and ask for help,” said Edwardo Castro, Yuma, Ariz. franchisee.

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Opening a Batteries Plus Franchise

As with all franchises, we have certain qualifications one must meet to become a franchisee. Financially, we look for franchisees with a net worth of at least $350K as well as liquid assets worth $100K or more. With a recession-resilient brand like ours, you’re likely to see a rapid return on your investment.

When it comes to other qualifications, we look for individuals with an enthusiastic attitude. You should always be passionate about what you’re doing and the products and services you’re selling. Someone who loves technology as much as we do would be the perfect fit. After all, technology itself is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global economy. In fact, the U.S. tech industry alone is worth around $1.6 trillion.

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The Path to Success

As we continue to see success through the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our franchisees take comfort in the resilient nature of our products and services. No matter what happens, electronics will always be a major part of our daily lives.

As Mississippi-based franchisee Javier Barquero explained, “We trust Batteries Plus to be successful because we have seen that no one else offers what we do and how we do it serving as the local reliable retailer with quick, same-day solutions,” said Javier. “Our product categories are excellent, our services are excellent and Batteries Plus offerings are where the future is headed.”

How You Can Follow In Their Footsteps

The best kind of decision one can make is a well-informed one.

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