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The number of female franchisees is on the rise. According to Guidant Financial, thirty-one percent of all small business or franchise owners in the U.S. are women. In honor of International Women’s Day, we spoke with several female Batteries Plus franchisees about what drew them to the brand, their commitment to the community, and what advice they would give to aspiring franchise owners.  

Forge Your Own Path with Batteries Plus

Laura Lewis is the owner of two Batteries Plus stores located in Idaho Falls and Pocatello, Idaho. When asked about how she ended up at Batteries Plus, she explained, “I was reaching the end of my time in the corporate world and decided that I needed a change of career paths. I wasn’t certain I really wanted to work for someone else. Working for myself seemed like a good idea, but I didn’t want to do it all myself. Purchasing a franchise felt like the perfect solution to me.” 

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Batteries Plus Offers the Freedom of Owning a Business Without the Startup Hassles

Purchasing a franchise allows female entrepreneurs to enjoy the freedom of owning their own business without having to build it from scratch. At Batteries Plus, there are teams in place that assist you with every aspect of the business, from finding the ideal site location to coaching you on how to secure commercial clients. 

Mary Pelach has been a franchise owner for over 25 years, with locations in Nebraska and South Dakota. She highlighted the level of support the company offers, saying “Batteries Plus’ leadership has provided an ever-expanding support base with establishing a Training Department, Media Planning Department, the Ascent Warehouse/Supply Chain and Omni-Channel Platform.” 

Batteries Plus is a Business Dedicated to Helping Others 

Ingrid Brummett has been a franchisee since 2008 and currently owns two stores located in Port Charlotte and Venice, Florida. For her, one of the main appeals of Batteries Plus is the opportunity to help people. She explained, “From the time I was little I’ve always liked to help people, now I’m just helping people in a different way. 

This was a common feeling among many of our franchisees, who value the opportunity to better their communities through the work that they do. One of the strengths of the Batteries Plus brand is the training franchisees receive, which enables them to become product experts, creating loyal customers in the process. 

Mary Pelach said, “We consistently hear from customers that the people working in our stores actually know our product line. Our store employees answer questions for customers and provide the kind of personal service you just cannot find online.” 

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Batteries Plus Owners Offer Advice for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

When asked what advice they would give to women who are interested in owning their own business, Laura Lewis highlighted the number of resources available to female entrepreneurs, “There’s so much support for women who want to get into business. There are women’s organizations, a women’s chamber of commerce and other women’s groups all over.” 

Mary Pelach spoke highly of her experiences with the Batteries Plus franchise team, “We spent an entire day learning about the Batteries Plus concept, met everyone working in the corporate office and then had dinner with [former CEO] Ron Rezetko that evening. We were treated with respect and told to take our time in making our decision.” 

Is Batteries Plus Right for You? 

Is this the year you take control of your destiny? We’re currently looking for enthusiastic people to join our franchise family. Contact us today to learn more about Batteries Plus and learn if franchise ownership is the right fit for you.  

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