Meet Two Long-Time Franchisees Who Are Carrying on Their Father’s Legacy

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Since we started franchising in 1992, our proven model and strong support system have led dozens of franchisees to stay in our system for decades. Miguel and Tony Perez are two of them – Since joining forces with their parents 28 years ago, they’ve opened 11 locations in Oregon and two in Washington.

From their first grand opening to setting sales records and giving back to the communities they serve, Miguel and Tony continue to carry on their late father’s legacy through their businesses.

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Opening Batteries Plus As A Family Business

It was 1995 when Miguel and Tony’s late father, Jose, approached them with the idea of opening a Batteries Plus franchise together. A Cuban immigrant who came to the United States after the Bay of Pigs invasion, Jose had owned an electrical business with his brother-in-law before transitioning into the retail business.

When it came time to replace the batteries in several of his devices, he realized the gap in the market for convenient, trustworthy solutions. It was around that time when he discovered an advertisement for Batteries Plus in the local newspaper, and he saw it as the perfect opportunity.

Together, he, his wife Regina and their sons opened the first Batteries Plus location on the West Coast. Eventually, Miguel and Tony’s sister Lara and their brother-in-law Abe also got involved in the business and last year, the Perez family opened their 13th Batteries Plus location in Oregon City.

Capitalizing on the Growing Battery and Electronics Market

When the Perez family opened their first store, it was difficult to find specialty batteries and solutions. These days, EPA regulations still make it impossible to order some of these items from Amazon or other online marketplaces, so consumers and businesses continue to rely on brands like Batteries Plus.

Back in 1995, not nearly as many people owned cell phones, laptops, cordless tools and cordless electronic devices. The Perez family made a proactive investment, and it paid off big time. As the market exploded into what it is today, their first four stores alone collectively surpassed 8 million each year and today, they’ve reached a total annual revenue of 20 million. 

Miguel, Tony and their family also utilize Batteries Plus’s comprehensive training programs to ensure their customers are treated like family.

“All of our transactions are more than just coming in and purchasing a product,” Miguel explained. “We’ve achieved customer loyalty because we’re providing excellent service – advising them and sharing our knowledge to provide lasting solutions.” 

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A Reliable, Long-Term Investment

One of the components that sets Batteries Plus apart from other retailers is the resiliency of owning an essential business. As long-time franchisees, the Perez franchisees ran their stores through the 2008 recession and the COVID-19 pandemic. While other businesses were struggling, they experienced unprecedented growth rates during both recessions. 

Over the years, their team has grown to over 80 employees, and businesses need more power sources than ever, they serve over 4,400 commercial clients.

Giving Back to Their Communities

At their Batteries Plus stores, not only does family come first, so does community. In 2020, as massive wildfires spanned much of the west coast, the Perez family stepped in to help. With a growing number of power outages and high demand for flashlights, backup generators, phone repairs and batteries to reach loved ones and car batteries for evacuation, they helped fill the gaps.

The Perez’s and their dedicated employees didn’t miss a beat, as they got a firsthand look at just how vital Batteries Plus’s essential products and services are.

As Miguel serves as the CEO and Tony serves as the President of their stores, they’ve also enjoyed providing jobs to those in the community and helping them grow their skill set and careers.

“One thing I’ve learned through over 25+ years in business is that it’s so important, as leaders, to be present,” Miguel explained. “It’s great to wake up every day and truly care about what you’re doing and the people you serve and employ.”

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Looking Ahead

Since opening their most recent Batteries Plus location in Oregon City last June, Miguel and Tony continue to expand on what their father started all those years ago.

“Our dad was always a forward thinker,” said Miguel. “He was a great ‘people’ person and well-liked by everyone. He was a risk-taker, and it ultimately led him – and us – to success.”

Looking for a profitable franchise opportunity where everyone is treated like family? Click here to learn more about becoming a Batteries Plus franchisee.


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