Meet the Multi-Unit Franchise Owner Whose Dad Led Him Toward His Entrepreneurial Dreams

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Ever since he can remember, Steve Dullard had big dreams of making it in the business world. After graduating from the University of Missouri in 2007, he worked as a District Manager for the Frito-Lay Company. Today he is a successful Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, find out how!

Discovering the Batteries Plus Franchise Brand

After his time at Frito-Lay and working for a sports facility for a few years, Steve was seeking another income stream to support his growing family. He’d always wanted to open a business and be in control of his destiny, and he knew franchising would be a safer bet than starting from scratch.

He was sharing his entrepreneurial dreams with his father one day when his dad suggested looking into Batteries Plus. Having shopped there in Florida, he explained how he was able to find products and services there that he couldn’t get anywhere else in the area.

His father quickly realized how often he was visiting the store and how their superior customer service set them apart. Steve took his dad’s words to heart and thought about how great it would be to own a business that would always be in high demand.

After doing his research and beginning the Discovery process, Steve agreed and saw a gap in his local market that was just waiting to be filled.

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Investing in His Community with a Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunity

In 2012, he took the leap into entrepreneurship and opened his first Batteries Plus store in Jefferson City, MO, and last month, he opened a second location in Rolla. From following his dad’s advice to his love for the community and passion for franchising, Steve takes pride in using his businesses to bring people together and give back with his multi-unit franchise investment.

One of Steve’s favorite things to do is be involved in his community. A few years after opening his first Batteries Plus location, he founded a collegiate baseball team – the Jefferson City Renegades. 

Having operated the University of Missouri’s club baseball team, he wanted to bring something to the community that would provide opportunities for young athletes and local entertainment for families. He and his partners teamed up to revamp the city’s historic Vivion Field, providing seating for up to 5,000 people on game nights. When he’s not running his multi-unit franchise business or his baseball team, Steve also coaches youth soccer.

Building a Strong Team of Experts

Much like he motivates his players on the field, he’s built a tight-knit team of experts to run his Batteries Plus stores.

“I’d say the most important thing you can do when running a business is to stay positive,” he explained. “Treat customers the way you’d want to be treated, and have fun with your employees.”

Steve offers plenty of incentives for his employees, and he puts trust at the foundation of the way he runs his team. From competitive pay to bonuses, paid time off, and a retirement package, he complements these benefits with an equally as important component: trust.

“I try to give everyone the independence that I would want,” Steve explained. “We do our best to accommodate scheduling needs and I want each employee to come into work excited to help our customers solve their problems.”

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Expressing His Gratitude

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Steve has received plenty of support that’s made becoming a multi-unit franchise owner an even more efficient and exciting process.

“The Batteries Plus team has been great with helping me navigate my business – from technical issues to marketing,” he explained.

Of course, Steve is also thankful to his dad for introducing him to the Batteries Plus brand and has even brought him on to take care of his stores’ bookkeeping while he heads the commercial sales, making for one passionate father/son duo.

Are you looking to invest in a one-of-a-kind franchise that will always be in demand and offers 365-degree support? Click here to learn more about opening a Batteries Plus store in your area!

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