How the Batteries Plus Battery Store Franchise Got Started and What Your Store Can Offer Your Community!

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There are plenty of franchise brands out there (over 750,000 in the U.S., to be exact!), but not a whole lot of them can claim the longevity and respect that the Batteries Plus battery store franchise name enjoys. We’ve been in business for decades, and in that time, have built a brand that has grown to include a long list of products and services, with hundreds of franchise locations nationwide. We’ve been named a top franchise investment opportunity by Forbes and continue to attract hardworking franchisees to the Batteries Plus family every day. You could be one of them!

Batteries Were (and Still Are) Our Business

Back in 1988, when we first got our start, we focused our energy (pun intended) on providing and replacing batteries of all kinds for all sorts of devices that relied on them. Communities responded, and we developed a reputation for carrying not just batteries for cars and trucks and common household items like smoke detectors and flashlights, but for increasingly sophisticated technology, like tablets and smartphones. And as that technology has evolved, so have we! Our battery store franchise brand is still known for carrying and replacing batteries of all types, but today, we’ve expanded to meet the further needs of today’s consumers and businesses by offering so much more!

Servicing a Wide Range of Devices

What was true in 1988 is still true today. Our customers know they can turn to us for all their power needs, especially if they’re looking for specialty batteries. All our battery store franchise owners can offer residents and businesses in their communities replacements for:

  • Cars and trucks
  • Tablets and e-readers
  • Laptops
  • ATVs, boats, and RVs
  • Hearing aids
  • And so much more!

Furthermore, our efficient operations systems mean our franchisees can quickly special order any battery that isn’t in stock, giving them an important competitive edge!

When Smartphones Aren’t So Smart

No matter how sophisticated the technology, sooner or later, everything breaks down — and often at the most inconvenient time! Smartphones are a good example. When brand new, a smartphone can hold its charge for hours on end, but the more it’s used, the shorter that lifespan. At some point (usually between 18 months and three years), the battery will need replacing, and that often requires expert assistance.

Luckily, our battery store franchise owners carry replacement batteries for a wide range of smartphones and can replace these batteries in-store — and we aren’t limited to replacement, either. We’re able to fix damaged screens and much more, too!

Lighting Solutions that Save

Batteries are how we got started. But we’ve also grown to become a recognized source for specialty bulbs that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Our smart home lighting solutions feature products, services, and expert advice that can save our residential and commercial customers hundreds of dollars on their electricity bills over the course of just a few years. Best of all, we’re doing our part by making green technology more widely available. It’s just one way we’re always working to meet consumer demands and leverage the latest research and technology to keep our model competitive!

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