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At Batteries Plus, we pride ourselves on providing our franchisees with world-class support. That means offering resources in areas like operations, B2B sales, marketing and more, to help set our new owners up for success. It also means honoring our veteran franchisees by celebrating the dedication they bring to our brand each and every day.

Our annual Sales Achievement conference is an opportunity to recognize the achievements of our franchise family and celebrate their continued success. This year’s event was held in Las Vegas on June 14-15th, where we honored 70 franchise groups that represented a total of 76 stores.

What are the Top Franchise Awards?

There were 125 awards given out at this year’s Sales Achievement Conference. Awards were presented to franchisees for overall and category sales as well as for Brand Ambassadorship, Customer Service and a few awards recognizing some of our most successful new owners. Here are a few highlights.

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Lifetime Achievement Award

A special Lifetime Achievement award was presented to Miguel and Tony Perez for their years of contributions to Batteries Plus. Miguel and Tony have been Batteries Plus owners for 28 years and, in 2022, achieved the first ever $20 million dollar sales year in company history.

MVP Award

The MVP award honors owners who show an exceptional dedication to our brand by providing outstanding customer service, taking an innovative approach to growth and working to sell our brand to both customers and potential new owners.

The 2022 MVP award was presented to the Belatti Group. The Belattis have been instrumental in the company’s attempts to reach new franchisees and have built up their business by building new stores and acquiring underperforming ones, contributing to the company’s system at large.

Top Sales Awards

Awards were given out for the following categories:

  • Top Total Sales for a Single Store & Multi-Unit Group
  • Top Commercial Sales for a Single Store & Multi-Unit Group
  • Top Retail Sales for a Single Store & Multi-Unit Group
  • Highest Sales Months

Category Sales Awards

Franchisees were recognized for exceptional sales in the following categories:

  • Top Auto Sales for a Single Store & Multi-Unit Group
  • Top Key Fob Sales for a Single Store & Multi-Unit Group
  • Top Device Repair Sales for a Single Store & Multi-Unit Group

Brand Ambassadors

The Brand Ambassador award is given out to owners who help give back to the brand by taking an active part in our brand development process. This involves fielding calls from potential franchise candidates to help answer their questions and determine if they’re a good fit for our system. A total of 8 owners were honored in this category.

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Rising Stars Awards

  • Trent Labry & Tim Zaunbrecher (Store #1051, Carencro, LA) were honored for their commercial sales-focused approach to their new store, which opened in August of 2022. They are projected to finish with around $850,000 in sales for their first year, with over $500,000 of that amount coming from commercial sales.
  • Norman Jemal (Store #1071, Eatontown, NJ) was recognized for his achievements as his market’s commercial sales manager. Since October, 2022, he has landed a number of high-volume commercial accounts that are projected to earn $1.2 million in first year sales – an all-time record for a new store.

Rookie of the Year

Robert and Kristen Roskowski (Store #542, Sevierville, TN) were recognized for their incredible first year, during which they achieved over $580,000 in sales. They also had the highest first-year commercial sales in company history, bringing in $177,000 in commercial revenue.

Ownership Group Awards

Special awards were also given to ownership groups that have achieved remarkable sales in 2022

  • Diamond Club – 13 stores achieved $2 million+ in total sales for 2022
  • Platinum Club – 27 stores achieved $1.5 million – $1.9 million in total sales for 2022
  • Presidents Club – 51 stores achieved $1.2 million – $1.49 million in total sales for 2022

Own a Batteries Plus Franchise of Your Own

As you can see, there’s a lot of success to celebrate. If you’re interested in taking control of your financial destiny, reach out to us. Our team will answer all of your questions and help you determine if franchise ownership is the right fit for your future.

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