5 Ways Batteries Plus Is Investing in the Biggest Franchising Trends of 2023

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A lot goes into the longevity of a business, and staying ahead of the biggest battery franchise industry trends is at the top of the list. We’ve learned a lot about the franchise industry over the last 30+ years, and this week, we sat down with our Chief Growth Officer, Kirtis Hill, to discuss how we’re using our franchising experience and knowledge to drive record growth and profitability.

Kirtis Hill

Batteries Plus Offers a Seamless Customer Experience

There is one key factor that is at the heart of all the most significant business trends: the customer experience. Kirtis and the rest of the Batteries Plus corporate team are constantly at work finding the latest, most innovative ways to enhance each step of the buying process for consumers and B2B customers.

From a brand’s website and social media presence to its in-store customer service, online ordering, payment, and pickup, franchises that make the overall buying process easy for the customer will come out on top.

“From informative online content to a comprehensive training program, Batteries Plus is not just home to store associates,” said Kirtis. “We’re home to a team of experts who provide custom solutions and recommendations – and that’s something that online retailers and big box stores can’t compete with.”

Batteries Plus People

Smart Solutions are part of the Batteries Plus Business

As Kirtis noted during our session, as time goes on, technology plays a bigger role in our everyday lives. As an essential business, Batteries Plus offers specialty products that can’t be found anywhere else, powering thousands of households and businesses.

There has never been a higher demand for power on the go. With so wide varieties of batteries, lighting, and other accessories, products can be hard to find or it can be challenging to determine which solution is the best fit.

“Quality assurance is also more important than ever,” said Kirtis. “Customers aren’t just looking for affordable solutions; they’re looking for lasting ones.”

In fact, our comprehensive product testing sets us apart from other retailers and continues to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“We invest in people and equipment specifically for quality assurance,” Kirtis added. “Our team is always hard at work, testing every component and ensuring the safety of our products. We also comply with all packaging and transportation standards to ensure products do not get punctured and remain hazard-free throughout their life cycle.”

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Financing and Franchising with Batteries Plus

Another change we’ve seen in 2023 is that many financial institutions have raised their standards for lending. Prospective franchisees should ensure they have the net worth required to open their location(s), and franchisors must step in to help.

“At Batteries Plus, we’re now working with franchisees earlier in the process, actively helping them to find lenders and secure financing,” Kirtis explained. “We also help develop and execute a timeline to help bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life.”

Long-Term Planning

Though the economy has fluctuated greatly over the past few years, many of the changes franchisors made since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic are here to stay. If unprecedented times have shown franchisors anything, it’s how important it is to prepare our company and franchisees for whatever may come our way.

As Batteries Plus continues with our record growth, Kirtis has his sights set far beyond 2023.

“It always helps to take a step back and look at the bigger picture,” he explained. “At Batteries Plus we’re always planning 5+ years out to ensure the long-term success of our franchisees.”

From attending industry events, to following and learning from other leaders in the franchise space and understanding consumer demands in the ever-changing power space, Batteries Plus is continuously investing in our long-term goals.

Batteries Plus Store Opening

A Focus on Analytics

Of course, the best way to improve is by measuring your success. As we prepare to open up to 50 new stores in 2023, we’re investing in data reporting to measure the performance of our current stores and pivot our strategy and processes accordingly.

As Krtis explained, “Our data reporting tools set us apart and give franchisees the sales reports they need to make important decisions, ultimately generating more revenue and growing their businesses faster than ever.”

So far, this type of tracking and consistent improvement has gotten some of our new stores on the path to breaking $1 million in sales in their first year.

Batteries Plus Store

Batteries Plus is Operating in Full Speed

Electronic needs are only increasing, and Batteries Plus is here to help our customers and franchisees power through. With our recession-proof model and investment in all the latest trends, we’re investing in our people and processes to break barriers and provide the ultimate, sustainable franchise opportunity – and you can be a part of it all.

Looking for a franchisor with all-inclusive training, ongoing support, and long-term economic resiliency? Click here to learn more about opening a Batteries Plus in your area.

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