4 Ways to Grow Your Portfolio with a Specialty Retail Franchise

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Between our proven business model and essential products and services, more franchisees are growing their portfolio with Batteries Plus each day. With the ability to fill gaps in the market that even Amazon cannot, our owners can overcome some of the most common obstacles in the business world today.

Whether they build a store from the ground up or take over an existing location, franchisees everywhere are capitalizing off our system optimized for multi-unit ownership and diverse revenue streams – and you could be next.

Build A New Store

One of the reasons so many are investing in Batteries Plus is because of the stability a franchise provides. Rather than building a business from the ground up, signing on with a battery store franchise provides you with a well-researched model, brand recognition, all-inclusive support and customer loyalty that would otherwise take years to build.

Even before your store is open, the initial assistance with location scouting, lease negotiations, buildout, marketing and our comprehensive training sets you up for success.

Plus, with our smaller footprint and each store only requiring 5-7 employees to operate full-time, the Batteries Plus franchise provides a lower investment than many other retail businesses, laying the foundation for a profitable business.

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Acquire an Existing Store

With many of our franchisees in our system for 20+ years, more are getting ready to retire or relocate. With this comes plenty of opportunities to acquire locations.

This is an excellent option for those who are looking to open their store sooner or existing franchisees who want to grow their portfolio even further with our rapidly-growing brand.

The process to acquire a store is a similar process to signing any franchise agreement, except there are certain aspects that need to be transitioned – such as financial documents, the lease, and employee information.

As with any store, Batteries Plus will train you on everything you need to know and, in most cases, you will also be able to connect with the previous franchise owner to learn more about the specific location.

Just like with any business agreement, you may also need to secure financing and seek professional advice for an attorney or accountant. As a franchisor, Batteries Plus can help connect you with all the resources you need for a smooth transition.

Multi-Unit Ownership

With constant technological development and more portable devices than ever, the power demand continues to rise. As franchise partners achieve success with their initial location, more are investing in additional ones. 

Our average multi unit franchise owner has at least 4 stores and many secure territory exclusivity. This also adds added convenience when it comes to inventory, as franchisees can order in bulk, transfer inventory as needed, and ultimately be able to get their customers what they need locally.

Because Batteries Plus is a need-based business, it is a unique, recession-proof opportunity, and due to EPA regulations, 70% of the products we carry are not shippable by Amazon. This kind of reliability paired with our customer loyalty is just one of the reasons franchisees continue to invest.

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Multiple Revenue Streams

Speaking of reliability, additional revenue streams allow franchisees to boost profitability and maintain their resiliency. With our commercial accounts, e-commerce platform and our national accounts, franchise partners are growing their AUVs like never before.

Last year, commercial sales accounted for groundbreaking sales numbers, and it’s only continuing to grow. Batteries Plus sets franchisees up with commercial sales coaches to teach them all about the ins and outs of B2B retail. 

From there, some franchisees choose to take over the B2B sales while others bring on a commercial sales representative to run that area of their business.

Either way, the diverse opportunities our essential business offers provide endless growth potential for franchisees and millions of satisfied customers each year.

Are you looking to grow your portfolio with a proven model, unwavering support, and a rapidly growing brand? Contact us today to learn more about franchising with Batteries Plus!

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