4 Ways Batteries Plus Helps Franchisees Navigate the Labor Shortage

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, every industry has been affected in its own way. As a recession-proof franchise, Batteries Plus has been fortunate enough to keep doors open throughout the past year and a half. 

Of course, challenges such as the labor shortage continue to impact businesses throughout the U.S. Between our strong corporate team and polished franchise model that’s been in development for over three decades, we’ve taken several steps to ease the burden of these nationwide staffing issues on our franchisees.

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Low Human Capital

The Batteries Plus franchise model sets franchisees up for success before their store opens and beyond. On average, a Batteries Plus store only has five-to-six employees, which makes everything from scheduling to management duties much less strenuous than with other franchises. 

This allows franchisees to focus on running their store and excellent customer service rather than having to constantly hire and train new employees. We also launched the empowerYOU program, a mini-degree program offered to franchisees that teaches them how to find the right employees, best interview practices and more.

Both our recognizable brand and straightforward career development track for employees help franchisees attract new talent. By truly investing in our brand, franchisees and employees, our franchisees are able to maintain low turnover rates. 

Group of Batteries Plus employees smiling in an aisle of a Batteries Plus store

Exceptional Training and Education

Speaking of investing in our people, our in-depth training program provides franchisees and employees with everything they need to succeed and offer the highest level of customer service.

At Batteries Plus, employees don’t just attend a one-time training on how to work the cash register; they experience 360-degree education on Batteries Plus products and services that allows them to deliver a top-notch customer experience.

Right from the start, the training process is very hands-on. Franchisees and employees don’t just sit in an office chair watching videos of how products are made or how to repair devices. Instead, they’re actually handed the devices and tools to learn by doing.

Employee Expertise

Our training and education programs are what allow employees to provide solutions for customers, not just short-time fixes. Employees are trained to be experts, not just salespeople. Because of this, employees get a sense of pride in their role which inspires them to stay and work their way up into management positions over time.

Beyond that, employees gain well-rounded career and leadership training with the Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE) Certification Program, which instills life-long skills they can use to further their careers.

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A National Brand Full of Opportunity

Being such a recognizable franchise not only benefits franchisees but employees as well. Because of our rich history and forward-thinking corporate team, we’ve been able to secure partnerships with some of the biggest brands around.

Because we’re a National Partner for Samsung, we offer specialized training that sets Batteries Plus technicians apart from similar device repair experts. This type of unique training is a major factor in driving employee satisfaction.

In fact, some of them end up becoming Batteries Plus franchisees themselves, and many will also go on to become multi-unit franchise owners. On average, our franchisees own four or more stores.

Get Started With the Batteries Plus Franchise

In the past 33 years, we’ve expanded to over 700 stores nationwide. We’ve been able to guide our franchisees through several major economic events, along with building and maintaining strong and loyal teams.

Looking for a recession-resilient franchise that will help you stay ahead of economic challenges? Contact us today to learn more about how to become a Batteries Plus franchisee in your area.

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