6 Reasons You Should Consider Batteries Plus at the 2023 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference

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The 2023 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference (MUFC), taking place from April 25th-28th in Las Vegas, offers a wonderful opportunity to research some of the country’s top franchise brands. As you search for potential investments, consider Batteries Plus. Our company offers uniquely stable multi unit franchise opportunities that are an ideal way to hedge your portfolio against market volatility. Here’s a brief look at what we have to offer.

Batteries Plus Offers a Low Initial Investment

One of the most compelling things about Batteries Plus is the low cost of investment. Opening one of our stores typically costs in the realm of $197,400-$465,600. Compare that to an average cost of around $500K+ for your typical QSR concept or $1 million for a big box concept. You can actually open 2-4 individual Batteries Plus locations for what it would cost you to open one QSR or big box business.

Batteries Plus Has Stable Margins

Compared to fitness concepts, Batteries Plus has relatively little equipment to maintain, and unlike QSR, our margins remain relatively consistent. The products we sell aren’t prone to the same commodity cost changes that plague many major franchises, which helps provide you with an investment that remains stable, even during recessions and other economic downturns.

Additionally, multi-unit owners qualify for truckload pricing, meaning you’ll be able to purchase batteries at a cheaper price, helping them save on COGS and increase margins.

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Batteries Plus Needs a Smaller Real Estate Footprint

Batteries Plus stores require a minimum square footage of 1,200 sq ft. By running a Hub & Spoke model, you can minimize operations and reduce your footprint by centralizing your inventory. For instance, open a main location at 1800-2000 sq. ft., and open supporting locations with 1200-1300 sq. ft.

Batteries Plus Requires Only a Small Staff

Staffing is another area in which Batteries Plus distinguishes itself from most franchises. While QSR and big box concepts require an average of 15 to 30 individuals, a Batteries Plus store requires only 5-8 employees to staff.

You also don’t have to pursue candidates with any special skills; we provide a comprehensive training program for all levels of experience. Plus, we offer opportunities for career advancement, which can help immensely with employee retention.

Another cost easement we suggest to hire a single General Manager to help operate a few locations, eliminating the need to hire one manager per location. This helps reduce your wage costs in a multi-unit operation.

Check out how Batteries Plus differentiate from other Industries

Batteries Plus has Limitless Commercial Opportunities

Batteries Plus allows you to build additional business through commercial sales. B2B sales offer a virtually unlimited source of revenue. With over 25,000 specialty batteries and 15,000 lighting solutions available, as well as device repair and key fob replacement service, we have solutions for nearly any industry. Best of all, you can begin selling to commercial companies before your store has even opened.

Batteries Plus is More Flexible Than Other Franchises

While many franchise concepts have strict location requirements, Batteries Plus is a very flexible concept. Our stores work in stand-alone buildings, inline buildings or end caps, and can operate in spaces ranging from 1300 sq. ft. to 2500 sq. ft. There’s also no need for special accommodations such as drive-thru windows. Plus, we have profitable locations in both rural and urban environments.

Batteries Plus Offers World-Class Support

Batteries Plus provides the comprehensive franchise training and robust support that franchisees need to stay ahead of consumer demands, while creating opportunities for long-term growth. During the process of opening your store, our experts will help walk you through everything from site selection, to lease negotiations, to your initial store setup.

After you store has opened, you’ll receive ongoing support in these areas:

  • Centralized call centers for customer care
  • Product and inventory support
  • POS system services
  • IT experts
  • In-house marketing department
  • Commercial Sales coaches

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Diversify Your Portfolio with Batteries Plus

If we were to describe our business in one word, it would be “stable.” The products and services that we offer remain essential to retail and commercial customers in both good times and in bad. It’s that stability that has allowed us to rank in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 for the past 29 years. If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, Batteries Plus offers a valuable hedge against market volatility. Learn more about Batteries Plus online, or stop by our booth at the MUFC.

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