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Our multi-unit retail business model is a great option for local QSR investors. Leverage our time-tested Batteries Plus model that includes retail and commercial business. With special discounts and a host of perks, there’s no reason not to explore a multi-store franchise brand with Batteries Plus.

Why is there synergy between owning a QSR Franchise and Batteries Plus?

Diversifying your portfolio with multiple locations and brands offers many benefits, including:

Vertically Integrate

All QSR’s have a need for the products and services offered by Batteries Plus and so do their customers. Both businesses feed each other and can provide efficiencies across the business models.

Increased Revenue Potential

The synergies between Batteries Plus and the QSR industry can reduce cost and complexity while driving sales from an untapped sector of your portfolio. By opening multiple locations, you can grow an empire of businesses by penetrating the market and expanding into additional territories, affording you the potential to generate increased revenue and a higher net income. Plus, investing in multiple locations means you’ll be able to leverage your experience to launch and run subsequent units more efficiently, generating better operational and economic results at a faster rate. 

Shared Expertise and Workforce

The average store only requires 5-8 employees, much lower than the average QSR restaurant. Leverage your QSR team with greater career opportunities while simultaneously stepping into a low staffing model with Batteries Plus.

Shared Resources

Cross pollinating your staff, customers, assets, and other resources is a real force multiplier. You’ll be able to leverage your investment over several locations by purchasing multiple locations at once, spreading out the fixed costs and resources. 

Greg Belatti

Multi-unit Investor:  Batteries Plus, Arby’s, Popeye’s, Cinnabon

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Why Partner with Batteries Plus?

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Proven Record/History

Batteries Plus is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing battery, light bulb, and smartphone/tablet repair franchise with a nationwide network of stores offering trusted brand products. In addition to our many awards and accolades, we were named a top brand for multi-unit opportunities by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Our franchise owners are passionate about providing essential products and services to their local businesses and communities. In just our commercial sales alone, we’ve beaten our sales records six times in the past twelve months. With the undeniable rising demand for battery and repair services, we enable franchise owners to add new products and services as technology evolves to stay ahead of the competition.

Nearly half of our franchisees are multi-unit owners, with the average franchisee owning four or more stores. Our franchisees own 80% of our franchised units, with 131 owners expanding from one store to several locations.

Group 101

Batteries Plus offers a highly competitive and stable business model for franchisees to leverage.

With over 700 locations, we help our franchise owners stand out in a fragmented market by specializing in more than just batteries.

We’re an industry leader, and when you partner with us for a multi-unit opportunity, you can enjoy advantages such as:


% Multi-Unit Owners


Average # of Stores per Multi-Unit Franchise Owner


% Multi-Unit Ownership Across Total Franchised Units


Number of Franchise Owners Who Expanded Beyond One Location to Several

Kirtis Hill and Joe Malmuth

Batteries plus, Whataburger, Jon Smith Subs, Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

Franchise Revenue

the Revenue for the top 25% of commercially engaged Stores is $1,988,506*, with our top store reaching over $7 million.

*The $1,988,506 in average net revenue is based on net sales information of the commercially engaged franchise Batteries Plus® stores in operation during the entire 2022 calendar year. There is no assurance, however, that you will do as well. See Item 19 of our 2023 FDD for further details.

Lifetime Support

Batteries Plus features a time-tested business model designed to maximize efficiency and help give franchisees a stronger return on their investment. Our franchise success team offers ongoing support that our franchise owners can tap into for the life of their business, from learning how to own multiple franchises to keeping the system up-to-date and staying on top of the competition.

Batteries plus franchise

Dustin Myers

Top Total Sales and Top Commercial Sales in 2022

More Units?
Even More Franchisee Support!

Opening multiple locations can help you increase your revenue considerably by growing your customer base exponentially, so having the immense support of a leading franchisor is crucial to ensure your locations operate at their peak potential.

Buying Power

Our Diamond Discount is available to multi unit owners that qualify from preferred vendors. It allows owners to purchase products at a cheaper price, providing even better margins on their retail and commercial sales.
Tier Two Multi-Unit
Tier Two Multi-Unit

You’ll pay a down payment of $15,000 on the second franchise fee. The balance will be paid when you are ready to open the second location.

Tier Three Multi-Unit
Tier Three Multi-Unit

When you open three or more Batteries plus franchises, the franchise fee on your third and subsequent locations will be lowered to $39,500.

A Lifetime of Support

The lifetime of support Batteries Plus provides is one of the greatest features of our franchise opportunity and covers all facets of your business:

When you join the community of Batteries Plus multi-unit franchisees, you can leverage a community of like-minded, business-savvy individuals. This exclusive support program offers mentoring in addition to helping with building up a community and bringing people together.

We’re ready to help you keep your business running smoothly once your doors have opened to ensure you stay on the right trajectory.

We work with you to identify target demographics and the perfect territory to open stores in your community.

Our marketing programs were designed by experts to generate a buzz in your community and help you get the best results for your marketing budget.

We offer our guidance when it comes to helping you find retail spaces that meet our criteria.

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