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A Batteries Plus Franchise Opportunity in Tennessee

In this free eBook, we’ve put together a sneak peek at some of what’s included in the investment to open a new franchise in Tennessee. If you’re interested in learning about our franchise costs, along with the perks of choosing Batteries Plus, this could be a valuable resource.

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Batteries Plus

Batteries Plus Tech Franchise Opportunity in Tennessee

Now is a great time to open a battery store franchise in Tennessee. Batteries Plus has been a leader among tech franchises for decades. We offer in-demand products and services that the people of Tennessee need to keep their households and businesses running smoothly. Batteries, lighting, smart home, and auto accessories are just a few examples of what Batteries Plus has to offer. Here, learn more about why there’s especially great potential for this battery store franchise opportunity in Tennessee.

Why Choose a Tech Franchise Opportunity in Tennessee?


Tennessee's population growth is significantly outpacing the U.S. national average

The U.S. grew by .45% in 2020, while Tennessee grew by .85%. Along these lines, future job growth in Tennessee is projected to rise 41.6% over the next 10 years compared to 33.5% for the U.S. overall. As new businesses like Amazon move into the state, the state’s economy will likely continue growing in the long-term.

Why open a lighting franchise in Tennessee?

With all of that growth, there will be more potential Batteries Plus customers than ever – including businesses and consumers. Given that our franchises serve both, there are more possibilities than ever to grow thriving Batteries Plus locations in Tennessee.


About Our Battery Store Franchise Opportunity in Tennessee

Batteries Plus has been the go-to source for technology for decades. We’ve been building and perfecting a stable yet versatile business model since 1988. Our stores stock hard-to-find items that customers need, like specialty bulbs and batteries. We also provide in-demand services, like smartphone repair and key cutting, that keep households and businesses on track.

Batteries Plus has a lot to offer franchisees. No experience in tech? Don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of this lighting franchise opportunity in Tennessee! Franchisees enjoy valuable resources such as:

A central warehouse fully-equipped

with our product line so they can easily keep their store stocked and make special orders

A Proprietary Retail Management System

that simplifies operations, including inventory and point-of-sale processes

Comprehensive training

Via online and in-person curriculum

Startup support

including location scouting assistance, marketing, buildout, and so forth

Ongoing training and support

To keep your business on the right track

As more and more people rely on their devices in their personal and professional lives, there’s never been a better time to open a technology franchise in Tennessee. 

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