Battery Retailer: Business ‘Really Good’

NTD spoke with Scott Williams, CEO of Batteries Plus, to get insights on how American retailers are feeling.

Scott Williams:

“After we came through the pandemic and went into this global supply chain, we really saw surges in different types of categories. Early on it was recreational, like marine for boats, and golf carts. Folks bought RVs and were traveling around the country as part of a safe activity, but then later on it ended up being a lot of device repairs. We are the national partner for Samsung, repairing Samsung phones…”

We’ve been watching the supply chain and what’s been going on in the ports through the far east and what’s been going on in Los Angeles really for six, nine…12 months. It’s getting a lot more attention now, but we’ve been watching it for quite some time, so we stocked up in the Spring for a lot of the Spring categories like lawn and garden, marine, and power sports. And right now we’re going into winter and we’re looking into a lot of things like auto battery and being prepared for the cold that could be coming, so we’ve been fortunate because we have about four months of supply. We’ve been working on this for a couple of quarters and it’s so important because we’re a franchisor, so six hundred of our seven hundred stores are own by small businesses across this country and they count on us to have that certainty of supply.”

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