How Great Customer Service Led this Multi-Unit Franchisee to Profitability

Batteries Plus Franchise

Batteries Plus franchisee, Chris Diller, is no stranger when it comes to providing excellent customer service. Chris has been the leading example since his first job at True-Value Hardware where he learned the importance of building and maintaining meaningful relationships. Later on, Chris took his skills to Advanced Auto Parts where he worked as a District Manager for 11 years. 

Although Chris appreciated his time working as a District Manager, he longed to find new ways to provide services needed within his community. Chris decided that his next career opportunity would be in business ownership, and was passionate about investing in a retail brand that would benefit his community. 

Batteries plus employee helping a customer

Seeking New Ways to Impact the Community 

Upon realizing that he wanted to become a business owner, Chris sought out the best franchise opportunities. He was pleasantly surprised to hear that one of his favorite retail stores, Batteries Plus, was offering unbeatable franchise opportunities. He immediately got in touch with the Batteries Plus corporate team to learn about the steps to franchise ownership. 

“I was immediately drawn to Batteries Plus because of their uncapped growth potential and the ability to open a business that I felt would benefit the community,” said Chris. 

The Batteries Plus team was a tremendous help to Chris by assisting with lease negotiation, site selection, training, marketing and everyday operations. Upon finding the perfect location for his Batteries Plus franchise, Chris was finally able to open his doors in February 2021 in Lodi, California. 

Expanding his Batteries Plus Franchise 

Since opening his first location in 2021, Chris has seen great success and profitability. When he noticed how well his store in Lodi was performing, he decided to open a second location in Stockton, CA in January 2022, along with a third location in Manteca, CA in April 2022. 

Although Chris has seen a lot of success, he has also had his fair share of challenges. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris and his team had to discover new ways for customers to shop to ensure health and safety. He implemented CDC guidelines such as encouraging customers and staff to remain six feet apart, contactless payment methods and mask mandates. In addition to the challenges caused by the pandemic, Chris was also affected by the labor shortage. Chris depended heavily on referrals, as well as past employee relationships. Chris emphasized that without the support of Batteries Plus and the corporate team, he would not have been able to navigate through the troubling times.

With 12 current employees, Chris has become a participative leader. He’s always looking to hire the best candidates to continue to grow his team. “I strive to employ knowledgeable individuals and provide additional training to those who want to grow with the company,” said Chris. As a franchise owner, leadership is the key to employee retention. As a participative leader, Chris ensures that his employees feel valued. 

“Over time I’ve learned the importance of empowering and uplifting others,” said Chris. 

Batteries Plus interior

Always Finding Solutions

Chris has always had a passion for customer service and a significant part of that is helping people find solutions to their problems. When customers come into any of his Batteries Plus locations, Chris and his team are trained to present customers with the best solution possible. Chris is also aware that good service results in loyal customers. When customers feel cared for and valued, they will want to frequent that particular location. 

Chris has never regretted his decision to become a Batteries Plus multi-unit franchise owner. His trust in the Batteries Plus business model has allowed him to reach goals that he never thought were attainable.

If you have a passion for customer service and want to open a franchise that will greatly benefit your community, contact us today.