How Batteries Plus Provides Quality Opening Support

Batteries plus grand opening

For more than 30 years, Batteries Plus has dedicated themselves to providing the best grand opening support for their franchise owners.

They work hard to provide franchise owners with a clear understanding of business operations and the fundamentals of all things Batteries Plus. The grand opening support is specifically designed to help franchise owners reach goals and maintain success.

What is Grand Opening Support?

Grand opening support is hands-on support given to all franchise owners beginning three to five weeks before the grand opening of their Batteries Plus store.

To ensure their franchise owners are profitable, Batteries Plus provides franchise owners with support such as PR and marketing outreach that is essential to bringing awareness to their store and getting customers walking through their doors.

All franchise owners will also have a dedicated media buyer and planner who works with them to identify the grand opening and ongoing plan to drive awareness and attract customers.

Their strategic grand opening process helps franchise owners hit the ground running!

Batteries Plus franchise

What is The Grand Opening Process?

Thanks to their grand opening budget, a store success consultant and the events team ensure franchise owners have a grand opening process that they can depend on. The Events Team plays an important role in this process because they’re tasked with preparing franchise owners and staff for a successful grand opening day.

One week before the store opens to the public, the store success consultant helps the franchise owner set up the store, get a sense of the needs of the community, train staff, provide sales tactics and help franchise owners become comfortable with the daily operations. They stay on for the week after the store opening to continue their training and work through questions that come up during their first official week of operation.

The Events team uses the same high-quality formula for every store opening, however, franchise owners are presented with a customizable and personalized plan for their grand opening strategy to bring more awareness to their community.

The ultimate goal is to get the franchise owner on their feet before the grand opening.

Who Can Receive Grand Opening Support?

Batteries Plus wants to ensure the success of every franchise owner by providing grand opening support to everyone.

The budget is built with the grand opening support, so there won’t be any surprises, and all owners are eligible to receive all facets of the support before and after opening their franchise.

Franchise owners are never left to their own devices, regardless of location. The Batteries Plus team is there to support them every step of the way.

Picturing A Perfect Grand Opening

After countless hours of preparation, marketing and hard work, franchise owners are always excited for the grand opening day.

The events team attend the grand opening event to take care of all event needs so that the franchise owner can focus on their customers.

This long-awaited day is always expected to bring fun and excitement to the community as customers, chamber of commerce and local business leaders are anxiously lined up and ready to explore the store.

Be Part of a Retail Franchise That Cares

Batteries Plus doesn’t just talk about their hands-on support, they prove it. Their franchise owners know they’re always in good hands.

If you’re looking for a franchise that provides endless support, contact us today and find out how you can open your Batteries Plus franchise.