How Batteries Plus Builds Customer Loyalty with Private Label Brands


Owning and operating a tech franchise means it's crucial to stay ahead of your customer base's ever-changing technology needs. One of the ways Batteries Plus keeps its inventory fresh to meet that demand is by hosting a wealth of private label or proprietary brands. 

"Customers come to Batteries Plus because they trust our brand to sell the best products," explains Shawn Budiac, Vice President of Category Management at Batteries Plus.

So how do they do it? Shawn breaks down Batteries Plus’ process. 

Interior of Batteries Plus Store

All Private Label Brands Meet Batteries Plus Standards 

Batteries Plus franchisees have access to a wealth of proprietary brands and licensing agreements with reputed battery brands you can't find anywhere else. Some of Battery Plus' proprietary brands include Nuon, Werker (Commercial), Xtreme (Powersports), Ultralast (Lighting) and X2Power which is a top tier line of Marine, Auto and Powersport batteries.  In addition to these proprietary brands, Batteries Plus is also the only retail franchise that has licensed the Duracell Ultra brand for categories including automotive, marine, lawn and garden and more.

The battery franchise has many private label batteries in its inventory, but their selection process is strict to ensure franchisees can be confident of every product they're selling. It's one of the many reasons Batteries Plus has over 700 locations throughout the United States.               

"As we look at the core products that go into a Batteries Plus store, we lean toward a proprietary brand first approach," Shawn Budiac explained. "We love having outstanding products that customers can find only at Batteries Plus." 

These brands must meet Batteries Plus’ rigorous standards—not only the corporate and franchisees' expectations but the expectation of their customers as well. To do that, Batteries Plus thoroughly checks every single product before it ever makes it onto shelves. The Batteries Plus quality control team tests new products and brands, so franchisees can be confident that they'll be an excellent addition every time the franchise introduces a new product.

"We look for consistency," said Shawn. To Batteries Plus’s customers, consistent quality might as well be the brand’s middle name. Franchisees and their customers know that any private label brands the retail franchise carries will meet or exceed expectations.  

All Private Label Brand Products Are Tested & True 

When Batteries Plus introduces new products and brands to the retail franchise, they have a process for familiarizing franchisees with the brand and getting new products in their stores. All products come out of a centralized distribution network, and as Batteries Plus brings in new brands and products, their network of franchisees are alerted to what Shawn describes as the "best of the best" new products. 

Recently Batteries Plus rebranded their X2Power marine and automotive batteries and not only alerted franchisees to their refreshed image but also put together a national strategy communication with the executive team. The goal with launches like these is to get franchisees excited about Batteries Plus' products and to make sure they're stocking new items alongside their core assortment or products. 

While the battery franchise has products that customers can find at big box stores, their proprietary brands differentiate them from competitors. X2Power batteries, for example, is a top of the line product that competitors do not have access to. 

"If we can build a suite of brands only available at Batteries Plus that customers know and trust, that helps bring that customer back into the store," Shawn said. "It also helps spread the word of the products they sell and bring more customers into their stores." 

Customers can buy these brands only from their local Batteries Plus store and franchisees can see the proof of these brands' value in their business' success.  

Batteries Plus Leans into Tech & Innovation to Meet Customer Needs

Proprietary brands at Batteries Plus aren't just a perk but an integral aspect of their appeal. When a new franchisee opens their business, an eager customer base is already awaiting them. Even brand new customers have heard of the retail franchise's proprietary brands. A franchisee's success directly results from the kind of quality Batteries Plus alone can offer.

Batteries Plus is always looking ahead and has big plans for the next few years. For now, they're focused on expanding the Nuon offering, building the X2Power brand recognition and launching more industrial products under the Werker brand. The batteries franchise's ultimate goal is to continue leaning into innovation and meeting their customer's and franchisees' high expectations. 

Want to know what it’s like to partner with a franchise that puts quality first? Contact us today to learn more about how Batteries Plus franchisees benefit from private-label brands.