How Batteries Plus Prioritizes Ongoing Support For Franchisees

Batteries Plus Franchisees

When searching for the perfect franchise investment, potential franchise owners are looking for a franchise they can trust to help them succeed. They never want to feel alone or unsupported while operating their business.

At Batteries Plus, the flexibility of the ongoing support plan allows the corporate team to adapt and cater to the needs of each franchisee. 

Batteries Plus employee helping a customer

Extraordinary Ongoing Support

Batteries Plus offers high-quality grand opening support, but their support doesn’t stop there. Ongoing support is included in the initial franchise fee making all franchise owners eligible, this support extends from in-store guidance to training to sales prospecting. 

Providing ongoing support to franchise owners is a priority for the Batteries Plus team to ensure the success and growth of their franchise owners. Franchise owners need assistance and Batteries Plus never hesitates to step in and help them take on the challenge.

Following the grand opening, members from the field team, as well as the Director of Sales and Operations, visit the store to begin sales, marketing analysis and data training. These training sessions are imperative and the key to smoothly operating a Batteries Plus franchise.

In addition to training, the Director of Sales and Operations is also tasked with giving the best tips for hiring and staffing, driving topline sales, maximizing sales opportunities, ensuring profitability and preparing inventory.  They also assist franchise owners with analyzing hours of operations to ensure staff is scheduled properly. 

The Commercial Sales Coach is also present to help the franchise owner drive commercial business. He will work one-on-one with the owners to discover leads, work through opportunities and establish quotes to earn new business. In addition, the coach will be the owner's liaison to identify new or existing collateral to aid in their sales process.

This hands-on support is essential to ensure franchise owners have every tool they need to operate a successful Batteries Plus franchise. 

Benefits Of Receiving Ongoing Support

As a result of the endless support, franchise owners never have to worry about reinventing the wheel. A Batteries Plus support team member is always available to answer calls from franchise owners and help out when needed. 

Aside from receiving the best training to operate a Batteries Plus franchise, ongoing support is beneficial because it helps franchise owners identify potential issues and strategize action plans to resolve them. Although the ongoing support plan is very similar for all franchise owners, the Batteries Plus team tailors their support based on the needs of each franchise. Understanding there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to ongoing assistance, Batteries Plus takes the time to solve issues, improve business and create plans that work for each franchise. 

Batteries Plus employees

Support That Sets Us Apart

The ongoing support offered to Batteries Plus franchise owners is unmatched. Batteries Plus prioritizes their franchisees by providing them with support and best-in-class tools that keep them at the top of their game. One of the tools provided to franchisees is a best-in-class software. This business intelligence software is used to help franchisees analyze business to create reports to maximize sales and profitability. This tool is a necessity because it helps franchise owners remain fully informed on the performance of their franchise. 

In addition to software tools, both Batteries Plus and the Franchisee Advisory Council listen to the day-to-day concerns of franchise owners. The Franchisee Advisory Council is made up of owners in the system who meet with executives at the corporate office to understand the needs of the franchise owners. From learning back-office systems to improving daily operations or requesting additional training, the Franchisee Advisory Council is always there to help.

Solving problems, assisting with daily operations and making improvements are the sole purpose of providing ongoing support. Batteries Plus wants all of their franchise owners to achieve success with the help and support of their corporate team. Whether they face a major problem or simply have a question, franchise owners will always have someone to call. 

If you’re in search of a retail franchise that you can count on, contact us today and find out how you can join a franchise that believes in supporting all of their franchisees.