Our Technology Franchise Has Evolved Right Alongside the Technology We Service and Sell!

Batteries plus store interior

Anyone who owns a small business (or any business, for that matter) knows that in order to grow, you’ve got to be responsive to industry advancements, market changes, and consumer demands. If not, you’ll stagnate. In many ways, the Batteries Plus technology franchise is a perfect example of how to adapt and flourish in the face of rapid change and important trends. We started as a one-stop battery store 30 years ago, and that model worked well for a long time. But as consumers became more sophisticated to evolving technology, we understood that our growth and continued success would mean capitalizing on (and foreseeing) change. Today, the Batteries Plus technology franchise opportunity continues to be a smart investment choice precisely because we’ve never stopped growing!

Change Is Good. Growth Is Great!

At Batteries Plus, we know life is full of opportunities for growth — and you probably appreciate that fact, too. Maybe that’s why you’re reading this now. Maybe you’re thinking it’s time for a change, time to take more control of your professional life and start enjoying the satisfaction of working for yourself. We know how good that can feel! We’ve been helping people just like you open their small businesses with Batteries Plus for years and have watched them benefit from everything our brand was and is — and will be!

While the Batteries Plus technology franchise began as a valuable resource for specialty and replacement batteries, we quickly grew to become the place to turn to for problem-solving and expert advice. It didn’t take long for our reputation to grow, and as it did, we understood that in order to remain relevant and competitive, we’d need to expand on what it was we could offer. So, in 2010, we refined our model of an all-battery franchise opportunity and added light bulbs to our product line.

This addition made good sense, given that the technology was rapidly evolving to include “smart” bulbs for the home and specialty lighting for devices, not to mention all the commercial lighting products needed by contractors and businesses. We realized that with so much choice available to consumers, it could be overwhelming and downright daunting to try and find the right bulb for the right job. The Batteries Plus technology franchise evolved to help customers feel confident about their choices and options, and today we’re leaders in the $118bn lighting industry!

Fixing What’s Broken

Broadening our product line to include bulbs and lighting fixtures meant as many advantages to our franchisees as it did to their communities, so in 2014 we did it again! We launched smartphone and tablet repair services nationwide, providing in-store diagnostics and repairs for cracked screens, battery issues, and much more. This expansion of services allowed our franchisees to capitalize on the explosive popularity of smartphones and tablets as more and more people began incorporating them into their daily lives.

Two years later, we took our brand one step further by offering the ability to replace, repair, and program key fobs and by providing smart home solutions at a time when we need them most. And we haven’t stopped there! Today, we continue to look for responsive ways to help our franchisees grow by offering the solutions their communities need to simplify lives and stay prepared for the future.

We’re exceptionally proud of the Batteries Plus technology franchise opportunity and all that it has to offer. Get in touch today to find out what it can bring to your community!