The Scalability of the Batteries Plus Franchise System

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For a brand that has been constantly evolving since 1988 and taps into multiple industries that generate $652 billion globally, it is no wonder Batteries Plus continues to experience rapid expansion.

The brand’s highly differentiated business model and consistent growth has motivated new and existing franchisees to own multiple units. Between the support Batteries Plus offers franchisees, proven business model, and our undeniable advantage of being an essential business, we consistently set our franchisees up for success.

2 men with laptop​Unwavering Support for Franchisees

A common misconception when it comes to franchising is that you have to have previous knowledge and experience about the industry to succeed. At Batteries Plus, many franchisees did not have any kind of background in the retail or tech sector prior to signing an agreement.

To that point, the brand developed a comprehensive training program for individuals with all levels of knowledge about batteries, lighting and device repair. The training program teaches franchisees about how to run their business, technology, marketing efforts, sales, and customer service.

The best part? Batteries Plus offers unwavering support throughout the lifetime of the franchise agreement, even for franchisees who have owned their stores for years.

The initial pre-opening support consists of online courses, coaching calls, and distanced learning on topics like location scouting, buildout assistance, marketing support and inventory management. Once a store is open, the owner has ongoing access to the brand’s quality assurance team, Retail Management System, the 150,000 square-foot warehouse where products are stored and special orders are quickly fulfilled, and an accomplished marketing team.

“You never feel like you’re going to be thrown out in the cold without any protection. Even after training, there’s always somebody there you can turn to and ask for help,” said Edwardo Castro, a franchisee based in Yuma, Arizona.

A Straightforward Business Model

In addition to a strong support system, the brand boasts a straightforward business model that offers plenty of efficiency and flexibility to franchisees. Our stores also require less in labor costs, with an average of 4-7 employees per store.

“They already have a proven model of success,” said Dan Kopp, multi-unit franchisee in Missouri and Kansas. “They have a POS system that’s integrated into your supply chain, training that you get before you even open, and the business is already recognizable by name.”

Besides the brand recognition and back-end processes, the retail franchise’s multiple streams of revenue are another attractive feature for potential owners. This is because Batteries Plus offers products and services to consumers and other businesses alike.

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Our four major revenue categories are; retail, commercial, ecommerce, and national accounts. Ecommerce, in particular, is a booming sector, and these sales are attributed directly to our franchisees. In fact, 97% of our orders are purchased online then picked up at one of our stores.

The brand’s inventory management and warehouse systems add to the benefits that franchisees enjoy. The warehouse is home to over 9,000 additional products, and most of these can be delivered to their stores within 2 days or less. This option enables franchisees to continue to offer excellent customer service.

Javier Barquerro, a multi-unit franchisee in Mississippi, recognizes all of these unique aspects of the brand.

“We trust Batteries Plus to be successful because we have seen that no one else offers what we do and how we do it serving as the local reliable retailer with quick, same-day solutions,” he said.

A Retail Franchise That’s Always In Demand

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, Batteries Plus qualified as an essential business, meaning franchisees could keep their doors open. Not only is the brand a safe investment, but it is virtually recession-resilient.

“No matter what, everybody’s going to need batteries,” said Edwardo Castro..

Between the hundreds of types of batteries, our lighting solutions and our expert repairs and services, there are consumers who are in need of our team of experts and quality products every day.

Our battery selection includes those for appliances, automobiles and recreational consumer products, while our repairs include everything from smartphones to tablets, laptops and countless other devices.

For instance, smartphones keep us connected with friends, family, and co-workers alike. Recent research revealed that one in three out of 2,000 Americans surveyed in a study had a crack in their phone’s screen.

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As the first retail partner in Samsung’s Independent Service Provider program, Batteries Plus can now provide Samsung users access to best-in-class smartphone repair services through WISE™ certified technicians. This is a level of expertise that is hard to come by locally and can only otherwise be received through Samsung themselves.

“Device repair has skyrocketed, primarily because we have remained open while other repair locations, like Apple, haven’t been labeled as essential,” said Shirley Duehring, a six-unit Batteries Plus franchise owner in North Carolina.

Of course, it’s not just the products and services Batteries Plus sells, but it’s also about their quality. The brand has a whole team of scientists testing its products in a 15,000-square-foot lab in Hartland, Wisconsin.

“I really like how we put our products to the test before we just put them out on the sales floor. This way, products are guaranteed to have high quality and workmanship,” explained Edwardo Castro, a Yuma, Ariz.-based franchisee.

Get Started with the Batteries Plus Franchise

With unwavering demand, growing industries and a proven business model, the future is looking bright for the Batteries Plus franchise.

“Our model has survived a lot, from recessions to natural disasters and now this global pandemic,” said Jon Sica, Chief Strategy Officer at Batteries Plus. “We provide a service that people really need, especially in times of crisis, and when you couple that with our expertise, our focus on customer service and the credibility we have as an established brand, that’s what makes us an essential resource when times are tough.”

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